IHSI 2020 - Call for Papers


Conference Organization

Adminstration Email
Conference Administrator admin[at]ihsint.org
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Student Volunteers volunteer[at]ihsint.org
Communication and Exhibition exhibits[at]ihsint.org
Conference Chairs

Conference Co‐Chairs:
Francesco Leali and Alberto Vergnano, Italy

Conference Organizing Co‐Chairs:
Tareq Ahram and Waldemar Karwowski, USA

Industry Partner and Honorary Chair: to be announced soon...

Conference Track Scientific Advisory Board
IHSI 1: Automotive Design, Transportation Engineering and Performance

F. Leali , Italy
A. Vergnano , Italy


IHSI 2: Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems

Chair: T. Ahram, USA

IHSI 3: Intelligence Technology and Analytics

Chair: A. Ebert, Germany

D. Băilă, Romania
R. Philipsen, Germany

IHSI 4: Computational Modeling and Simulation

Chair: D. Andujar, USA

IHSI 5: Humans and Artificial Systems Complexity

Chair: A. Ebert, Germany

IHSI 6: Smart Materials and Inclusive Human Systems

S. Camplone, Italy
M. Ferrara, Italy

E. Karana, The Netherlands
S. Lucibello, Italy
D. Popov, USA
A. Ratti, Italy
R. Rodriquez, Italy
V. Rognoli, Italy

IHSI 7: Human-Autonomy Teaming

Chair: Axel Schulte, Germany

H. Blaschke, Germany
J. Chen, USA
G. Coppin, France
M. Draper, USA
M. Hou, Canada
M. Jipp, Germany
A. Kluge, Germany
D. Lange, USA
S. Nazir, Norway
M. Neerincx, The Netherlands
J. Platts, UK
U. Schmid, Germany
N. Stanton, UK

IHSI 8: Applications and Future Trends

Chair: C. Falcao, Brazil