IHSI 2019 - Call for Papers


Conference Organization

Organization Name
General Conference Chair W. Karwowski
General Program Chair T. Ahram
Conference Track Scientific Advisory Board
IHSI 1: Humans and Artificial Cognitive Systems

Chair: T. Ahram, USA

IHSI 2: Intelligence Technology and Analytics

Chair: A. Ebert, Germany

IHSI 3: Computational Modeling and Simulation

Chair: D. Andujar, USA

IHSI 4: Humans and Artificial Systems Complexity

Chair: O. Alrehaili, Saudi Arabia

IHSI 5: Smart Materials and Inclusive Human Systems

Chair: S. Camplone, Italy
R. Rodriquez, Italy
A. Ratti, Italy
M. Ferrara, Italy
V. Rognoli, Italy
E. Karana, Netherlands

IHSI 6: Human-Autonomy Teaming Chair: Axel Schulte, Germany
Adminstration Email
Conference Administrator ihsiadmin[at]ihsint.org
Art Director branka[at]ihsint.org
Support Email
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Conference Mailing Address: IHSI 2019 Conference Administrator
P.O. Box 99712
Louisville, KY 40269, USA